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On being a bit of a flake

To the people who have been contacting me wanting to buy things based on expired lacebook listings. I don’t have anything listed right now. I don’t have it listed because I’ve been ill and there was a death in my family and I’m utterly exhausted. Falling asleep in my clothes after work multiple days of the week kind of exhausted. Taking measurements, calculating prices, packing and shipping is beyond me at the moment. Sending me multiple messages doesn’t give me the energy to do these things. I’m generally not well. I rely on multiple medications to keep my blood pressure high enough to keep me conscious. Because of this, I tire very easily compared to most people. I faint periodically. A simple cold which irritates normal people drains me to the point where I can only eat, sleep and drag myself to work. I’m not running around to meetups and brushing people off, I’ve been spending my weekends resting, doing taxes, going to the funeral, etc.

Most of my tumblr is stuff I queue while waiting for my commuter bus, pretty much all of my online posting is done in similar situations. I spend very, very little time at home where I’m not eating or unconscious.

The only reason I even re-listed things for a period of time a bit ago was because someone was harassing me to. It was a bad move in my part; I couldn’t handle all the questions.

I just can’t right now. I’m sorry. I can’t. I want to, but I physically can’t do it.

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